Our Story


Hey guys and gals! Here's how Shealy Coco came to be!


So my journey started when I began growing my hair out in March 2006, after having shaved it off for most of my young life. By the end of that year, I started relaxing my hair up until March 2017. During this time, I noticed that my scalp developed scars after every relaxer session I had            . Now I don’t know if this was due to a sensitive scalp or simply having coarse 4C hair - which meant it required more chemical for all the hair to be covered to properly straighten the strands. Regardless, I only relaxed my hair twice every year for the whole time I had relaxed hair.

February 2011


From March 2017, I decided to go a year without relaxing my hair and during this time I experimented a lot with shea butter and coconut oil it made my hair grow! However, it was still quite difficult to detangle and manage. In September that same year, I finally decided to get rid of all the relaxed ends I’d had left and keep only the natural kinky hair.  THIS WAS THE BIGGEST STRUGGLE OF MY LIFE!!  I had forgot what it meant to have short hair and hence dreaded it and besides I didn’t know how I was going to maintain it in any form or shape.


So, I decided to use protective styles to grow it out to a length I was comfortable embracing. During this time, I continued to use coconut oil and shea butter. I also started using water mixed with tea-tree to help detangle the hair during the protective style take down etc. I realised that by January my hair was already making remarkable progress and so I decided to mix my ingredients together into a larger tin so it could last me a while so I wouldn’t have to keep dipping into two separate jars each time.


A friend of mine who helped do my big chop was impressed with my hair growth and wanted to get some of the mix I had made. By this time, I had started learning about other hair oils and butters that I had fallen in love with and had therefore started incorporating with the hair cream and spray. My friend gave such a great review of what the cream and spray did for her that she told her friends and sisters about the products and what can I say? THE REST IS HISTORY!!

The name Shealy Coco is simply a reflection of those two key ingredients - unrefined shea butter and coconut oil. I am honoured to help others and in awe of the amazing stories of various hair journeys.

Allow us the privilege to join you on yours!


Shealy Coco

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